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Essential Holiday Information

This section covers some of the most common questions that our customers have about their bookings with us. However, please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything that you are unsure of that may not be covered in this section.

Most operators require that you take out valid travel insurance at the time of making your booking. Why? One of the main reasons is that, if for any reason you are unable to travel or take ill before your trip and have to cancel your holiday, then the monies that you have paid so far towards your holiday should (if you have met all the legal disclosure requirements of the insurance policy that you hold) be covered with the insurance policy. Allowing you to claim back the non-refundable aspects such as cancellation fees of your booking. We highly recommend that you take your policy out on the same day as you make your booking.

British citizens require a full 10-year British passport for most of the destinations we feature, with at least six months validity remaining by the date of your return. If you require a new passport you should apply in good time prior to your departure.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct entry visa’s and documentation for the countries and places that you will visit on your trip.
United States of America (including San Juan, Hawaii & American Samoa)
To enhance the security of travel to the United States all travellers to the USA on under the visa free American Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) are required to obtain a USA ESTA Travel approval prior to travelling to the USA. Accompanied and unaccompanied children, regardless of age will also be requires to obtain American ESTA approval before travelling to the USA.

Important: We cannot accept responsibility if you are refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure on your part to carry the correct documentation, nor can we accept responsibility if you are refused a visa by a country that you are due to visit in your trip. If failure to do so results in fines, surcharges or other financial penalties being imposed on us, you will be responsible for reimbursing us. Please note passport and visa information can change without prior notice – always check before departure for the most up to date information.

It is very important that you check your confirmation invoice from us upon receipt of it. This will be sent to you by email (or in the post if you request it) after your booking has been made. You should pay extra special attention to the full names and dates of births of all passengers’ travelling on your booking, ensuring that they all match the passports that will be used on the trip. You must notify us immediately if anything appears incorrect.
Failure to check this prior to travelling could prevent someone in your party being able to travel as they would be refused carriage by either the airline and or the cruise line if the details were not as appears in the passport. We will not accept responsibility if you have not checked your booking details immediately after booking. Administration charges will apply to any changes to bookings. Please note: Many types of airline tickets issued are non-changeable and non-refundable.

If you choose to book a package that has flight included then the flights we use for our holidays are based on specially negotiated airfares, which enable us to offer our holidays at such beneficial prices. However, to take advantage of these airfares, the flights used may not necessarily take the most direct route and are subject to change. Some flights will require a change of aircraft en route. When describing a non-stop flight, this is a flight where there is no scheduled change of aircraft during the journey. Please be aware that some “direct” flights may require a change of aircraft en route, even though there is no change of flight number. In addition stops may be made en route for re-fuelling or to let passengers on and/or off. Flights will be confirmed in Economy class unless you have requested otherwise and paid the appropriate upgrade fare. Upgrades will be clearly stated on your invoice.
Any departure times are supplied by the airline. They are subject to, inter alia, air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, the need for constant maintenance and the ability of passengers to check in on time. There is no guarantee that departures will take place at the times shown either on your confirmation or on your tickets. The timings are estimates only. Inspired Cruises does not have any liability to you for any delays or missed connections that may arise. Where we are in a position to do so, we will give you information before you book concerning the airline on which you will fly, your airport of destination and type of aircraft on which you will travel.

Clients booked in most premium classes and limited economy classes may be able to pre-assign seats, however, the seats available will be limited and once this limit is reached, airlines will only allocate seats at check-in and this cannot be overridden. Please note, however, that pre-assigned seats cannot be guaranteed and remain at the airlines discretion. Many airlines will only ever accept seat requests and will not actually pre-assign seats, this is the airlines decision and Inspired Cruises cannot be held responsible for this. Only fully fit and able-bodied passengers may occupy exit row seats. These seats may therefore only ever be assigned at the discretion of the airline at check-in. Due to the configuration of the aircraft it may not always be possible to obtain seats together. RubyBlue Cruises has no control over the allocation of airline seats and cannot guarantee seat requests. All airlines operate a non-smoking policy on their aircraft.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. You are advised to check any information on the website – or by telephone on 020 7238 4503.

Let our Customer Services Department know in advance if you require any special arrangements. Any special request must be advised in writing if it was not already stated on your original booking form. We will make every reasonable effort to make the arrangements. Should you require wheelchair assistance, this must be pre-booked well in advance of your trip, ideally at the time of booking. If wheelchair assistance is not pre-booked, the Airline or Cruise Line may reserve the right to refuse travel. We do not have any legal liability whatsoever to you in the event of non-compliance. We regret we cannot accept any conditional booking (i.e. any booking that is specific to be conditional on the fulfillment of a particular request).
Please notify RubyBlue Cruises at the time of booking, in writing of any physical or mental illness or disability. If you have a condition that requires special accommodation or you need to bring a wheelchair, power wheelchair or mobility scooter, please notify our Reservation staff at the time of booking. We advise passengers using a wheelchair to travel with someone who is able to assist them both ashore and at sea. Some ports of call require tenders to go ashore any may preclude passengers using a wheelchair from leaving the vessel. This decision must be made by the ship’s captain and is binding. A limited number of manual wheelchairs can often be reserved up to 7 days prior to embarkation, but are for use on board only and cannot be taken ashore.
We are happy to pass any request for low-sodium, low-fat and vegetarian diets among others on to your airline and cruise company. Please advise us in writing if you require a special diet. Once we have received your request, we will send confirmation to your agent to advise your request has been received.
NB – Requests cannot be guaranteed.

It is your responsibility to comply with any health requirements such as vaccinations, for any country you may be visiting. These requirements are subject to change; therefore it is wise to consult your doctor at the earliest opportunity. We recommend that you obtain a copy of the Department of Health leaflet ‘Advise on Health for Travellers’ available from the Department of Health.
If you have a medical condition or if you are pregnant then you must get clearance to travel from your own Doctor. Pregnant passengers are not accepted by most airlines after 28 weeks of gestation and lots of cruise lines after 24 weeks.
Airlines reserve the right to refuse travel on medical grounds. You may be required to provide additional information to the Airline in order that they can assess your fitness to fly. Please note that several airlines are unable to carry passengers who require oxygen during part or all of the flight.

Check-in times are usually between 2.00pm and 3.00pm, checkout times between 11.00am and 12 noon on the day of departure. Therefore, if you wish to check in immediately after a night flight this would count as 1 night’s extra accommodation and would only be reserved for you at your request and appropriate cost being paid. Similarly, if your return flight is at night you will normally be required to vacate your room at 12 noon prior to leaving for the airport. Day rooms are subject to availability/cost and should be arranged locally with the accommodation management.

Never leave your room key / card where someone can see your room number.
Remember to lock your room even when you are inside.
Balcony - Children should never be left unsupervised on balconies.
Never lean over, sit or climb on the balcony wall / railings.
Bathroom – Take care in bathrooms as condensation and water spry can make surfaces slippery
Don’t use mains electrical appliances near to water.
Tropical Accommodation - Accommodation in the tropics does bring with it the local wildlife. Insects, reptiles and small mammals may be a feature but in no way does this imply that the accommodation is unhygienic. They are simply a fact of life in these destinations.

For specific information regarding dining, what to wear, entertainment, shore excursions, money matters, family facilities, health and safety and mobility please refer to the information provided in the cruise web site.
Cruise Cabin Guarantees - Because cruise lines know from past experience that a small number of passengers will unfortunately be forced to cancel their arrangements, thus leaving the accommodation vacant they will often sell a cabin on a guarantee basis.
Accepting a guarantee means that you have a firm booking and can go ahead with your holiday plans in the same way as if you had accepted a specific cabin number at the outset. When the cruise line allocate a cabin number you can rest assured you will be given a cabin of the type you have booked or, in some circumstances, of a higher rate, though it may be situated on a different deck to that shown on the deck plan for the grade guaranteed. The fare you have been quoted will, however, remain unchanged. If you have booked a guaranteed cabin we will advise you of the cabin number as soon as we receive it from the cruise line.

Cruise Line Gratuities -Please refer to the relevant cruise lines brochure for up to date information regarding tipping cruise staff. Gratuities will not have been included in your holiday price unless you are cruising with a line that already has them included OR Unless you have requested to pre pay Gratuities (Please speak with our sales team at the time of booking).

All rights reserved. All holidays/flights/hotels & other travel services shown are subject to availability and Booking Terms and Conditions.

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